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On May 26, 2010, the world lost a beautiful soul.

Kyleigh Ann Sousa’s life was ended during the commission
of a heinous crime, taking an innocent victim and leaving a wake of pain and heartbreak for her family and friends.

Her family has created The Kyleigh Sousa Foundation
to keep Kyleigh’s light shining by helping others left behind
when those they loved were taken too soon.


The Kyleigh Sousa Foundation has several purposes:

The foundation will award one academic scholarship annually to those who represent Kyleigh’s determination, drive and spirit.

  • One scholarship will be awarded to a graduate of Kyleigh’s alma mater, Point Pleasant Borough High School.

The foundation will raise awareness and help those affected by traumatic brain injury by providing an outlet for brain injury survivors as well as their families who have experienced similar trauma in their lives, allowing people with similar circumstances to form relationships with one another.

  • Donations will support families with loved ones who are suffering from traumatic brain injury to help cover medical costs.
  • Donations will go towards traumatic brain injury research.

The foundation will provide financial support for families who have lost young adults or children to random acts of violence.

  • Support will also be offered in various ways to survivors and their families who are still in the early phase of recovery.

The foundation will serve as a resource for prospective college students and their families by providing information about the surrounding community of their choice college.

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